The Potency Fallacy

I wanted to write about the question that Men and Women are asking all the time…. Does Potency Matter?   Budtenders tell me the most common question they hear every day is “What has the highest THC,  I just wanna get super high man, I NEED the highest testing thing you got”


I get it.  Its logical.  I’ve done the same thing!  But today I am here to declare an end to the Potency obsession.  Stop fooling yourself.  You definitely are not noticing a major difference between that 65% tester, that 70% tester and that 75% tester.  You may Think you do. But you don’t, regardless of what that big ole’ powerful brain of yours says.  You’re high.  High is high.  You’re not high-ER. 

Hey now – I’m not saying there is no difference between a 20% THC flower product and a 70% concentrate product.  That isn’t the minor potency difference I’m talking about here.  I’m not talking about the difference between a light beer and Tequila.  Of course you can tell the difference.  But the 15% flower vs the 20% flower?  Hardly noticeable.  Stop lying to yourself!

Changing your mindset isn’t easy.  I am the one writing this blog – and I bet I still tend to lean towards “potency over everything” when I shop.  But I’m getting better!  I want something that tastes good.  You give me a fruity aftertaste to my dab and I’m in heaven.  Give me a great tasting, high terpene 60% THC concentrate over a bad tasting, gasoline flavored 80% any damn day.

High is High people.  Agree?  Disagree?