Harvard's High Hopes on Health


Source: Harvard University is spearheading what participants are calling one of the largest international efforts for research on medical cannabis – and the school has chosen Alberta, Canada-based Atlas Biotechnologies as a founding partner of the initiative. The university partnership with the private sector could validate certain treatments by proving the efficacy of formulations, ultimately making those treatments more marketable, according to participants in the program.

We need more research on cannabis.  Pretty deep insight, huh?  I’m wicked smahht (sorry, this is a blog about a Boston school, I got carried away).

It was great to see news out of Harvard this week that they have formed partnerships with several cannabis businesses and groups to begin extensive studies on different medicinal benefits of the plant.  They’ve even selected a company here in Colorado -- Cannabis Science Inc. of Colorado Springs.   Harvard has pledged to study the effectiveness of a wide range of treatments, hoping to prove these are less harmful methods of treatment.

Our industry is desperate for more research.  Harvard isn’t the first (and this isn’t a first for Harvard) but we still need more. This goes both ways.  It makes us look bad and under educated when people claim that cannabis can Cure Anything and Everything! Don’t want a rabies shot? That’s OK, roll a joint! Oh, your arm fell off? Try CBD!   That’s just nuts.  It is also crazy to deny that cannabis can make a Major difference on certain ailments.  Not Knowing – and Not Researching – hurts everyone.  So I say – Put the Smart People on it.  Make them spend a couple years figuring this shit out.  Then, let me know what I should use to feel better.  Deal?  Great, Thanks Harvard, Lemme know.