What Makes A Great Dab?


It sure has been a long time since we’ve posted something.  Whoops!  We are making a renewed effort to post to our Blog and keep you updated on our thoughts and opinions of the industry.  This one is probably a lot longer than most will be…. But you haven’t read something from us in a while, so you should have the attention span to handle it!!   Take a hit and please continue…

People ask us all the time, “What makes the Best Concentrates?”  Guess What??  There is no one single answer.  The truth is, a handful of factors contribute to the quality of the final products.  Here, we will go through what those factors are – and what our customers can do to help us continue to produce the best products in Colorado and Nevada (and maybe soon where you live too)!

 Solvent Type

Perhaps the area with the most disagreement in our industry involves the different types of solvent used to create a concentrate product.  CO2, Ethanol, Butane, Propane, Isopropyl Alcohol, Water and even simple Heat and Pressure are all ways people can create cannabis concentrates.  So which is best??  That depends on what you want.  All of these solvents will produce a quality end product (when used correctly, of course)  Each solvent type is great for something different.  At Denver Dab Company, we focus on hydrocarbon extraction mostly using Butane and Propane (which we remove in post processing).  We have a limited solventless line that we hope to develop more in the coming years. 

Extraction Equipment

The equipment used in the extraction process has a larger impact on the quality of the final product than the solvent being used.  Equipment for our new industry is still being improved and perfected – and there is a dramatic difference between a low quality, cheap piece of equipment; and a high quality piece.  When we first opened in 2016, we purchased a $10,000 extraction unit.  Most recently, we purchased a $100,000 extraction unit.  The difference is quite noticeable.  Some ancillary equipment can be purchased from a range starting a $3,000 and extending to upwards of $75,000.  Extraction Equipment is most certainly an area where “You get what you pay for”  At Denver Dab Company, we have always been committed to purchase the highest end, top-of-the-line equipment that is available.

Processing Techniques

Cannabis Extraction is very much like being a chef.  A dozen chefs can start with the same recipe and same ingredients and end up with slightly different results at the end.  The same is true with extraction (We have the BEST chefs!).  Obviously an area of proprietary information – our team of experienced, highly qualified extractors is arguably the best in the industry.  DDC is a third party processing company – we do not grow our own Marijuana to use in our extractions.  We are given material from dispensaries with a grow, but who don’t do what we do, and we use that material to make products for that dispensary.  For that reason – our ability to make the highest quality products possible regardless of the starting material we are given, is second to none in the industry.

Starting Marijuana Material

Which brings us to the single biggest factor in determining the quality of a cannabis concentrate.  The starting material used at the beginning of the process.  “Fire in; Fire Out” is a common phrase in the industry; and it is true for a reason.  Yes – techniques and equipment are improving, and we can now (somewhat) take bad material and turn it into something good…. NOTHING will ever substitute for high quality, well grown, plant material.  It is essential for the absolute best of the best final products.  Since we are a third party extraction company that does not grow the plant material ourselves – we work with many of our dispensary clients to ensure they grow and store plant material under the most ideal conditions possible.  This is one way we separate ourselves from other extraction companies that don’t have a grow.  We have a team of experienced cultivation experts that will consult with our clients and suggest ways to improve the quality of material.  This has been shown to have tremendous results over time.

Your Consumption Method

Finally, the way YOU consume the product will have an effect on the overall quality of the experience.  Vaporizer Pens that have multiple heat settings work very well.  Having the ability to control the temperature of the device you smoke with is essential to fully enjoying the experience.  Sometimes, an open flame to a dab rig can produce varying levels of temperature which can cause a poor experience.  Too Hot might make your dab taste harsh and gross.  Taking a hot dab is not only painful, but unhealthy, dabbing too hot can turn your delicious tasting terpenes into volatile carcinogens. It is hard to choose just one temperature for every dab universally because each terpene has a different boiling point. Overall low temp dabs are better tasting, more effective, & less harmful!  Of course, too cold and you may get nothing at all and end up with some wasted.   We suggest the Practice makes Perfect method, or the, If at first you don’t succeed Try Again method!


What are we missing?  What makes a high quality concentrate in YOUR opinion?  What do you use to smoke with?  Comment Below!  Thanks for Reading.